NAACL HLT 2009: Tutorials

Tutorial Presenters
Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce [Description] Jimmy Lin and Chris Dyer
Distributed Language Models [Description] Thorsten Brants and Peng Xu
Search Algorithms in NLP: Theory and Practice with Dynamic Programming [Description] Liang Huang
Extracting world/linguistic knowledge from Wikipedia [Description] Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Michael Strube
OpenFst: An Open-Source, Weighted FST Library [Description] Martin Jansche/Cyril Allauzen/Michael Riley
OntoNotes: The 90% Solution [Description] Sameer Pradhan and Nianwen Xue
VerbNet overview, extensions, mappings and apps [Description] Karin Kipper Schuler, Anna Korhonen, Susan W. Brown
Writing Systems, Transliteration and Decipherment [Description] Richard Sproat and Kevin Knight